The Hobbit Smaug Gold Special Edition

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The Hobbit Smaug Gold Special Edition


The Hobbit Special Edition

Deze Special Edition van The Hobbit is verkrijgbaar vanaf de Chicago Expo t/m de release van de derde Hobbit film.

Features of the Game:

  • 27” HD LCD Display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips, scoring, attract mode, back glass artwork and more..
  • Gold Colored powder coated standard spring-loaded metal lockdown bar
  • Gold Colored Smaug Toy
  • Smaug-themed ultra-high-gloss replaceable cabinet art
  • RGB-LED Playfield Lighting
  • Super-White LED GI Lighting
  • Full color digitally printed cabinet and back box artwork
  • 7 Speaker 2.1 Digital Audio system.
  • JJP coin door with added external headphone jack and volume control
  • Each game will have a number affixed to the game apron to be seen under the playfield glass…
  • Premium Clear Coated Playfield
  • Invisiglass
  • Shaker Motor
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Wide Body
  • More Details to follow

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